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Being in a collision is stressful, but unfortunately, that is simply where the stress starts. The recovery time from a collision can be lengthy and complicated. From dealing with law enforcement, to dealing with your insurance or another insurance company, to coping with the repair process, there are definitely some tough times. Here at Collision Care Xpress, we understand this, and we know you’ll have a number of questions. That’s why we compiled this list of frequently asked questions for you:

Alternative: When you’re involved in a collision for the first time, you’ll probably have a lot of questions about how to handle it! We’ve put together a list of some common collision related questions to help get you through it.

We demonstrate a commitment to excellence in collision repair professionalism, repair quality and customer satisfaction by meeting the highest certifications as set forth by  industry leading standards for certification. Key standards include: A third party customer service monitoring system to ensure your repair experience is exceptional, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) -trained managers and technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to repair your vehicle right, and repair facilities that are equipped with the right tools and equipment.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts are designed to meet defined quality, safety and appearance specifications that may not be replicated on imitation parts. Because of this, your vehicle manufacture does not support or recommend the use of imitation parts. Vehicle factory warranties transfer when Genuine Parts are utilized in the repair process. Protect yourself and the value of your vehicle by insisting on Genuine Parts.

The decision on which parts to use to repair your vehicle typically starts with your insurance carrier. If your insurance carrier asks us to utilize an aftermarket or used part to repair your vehicle, we will attempt to utilize the parts they request.

The parts we use for the auto body repair also depend on our Quality Process. If the part your insurance carrier asks us to use does not meet our quality standard, we will indicate what we do not like and have the insurance carrier pay us to use the correct part to repair your vehicle.

Genuine parts are branded by the manufacturer, and are the exact part found in your original vehicle – important if you want to keep all matching parts. OEM parts are the parts manufactured by the factory supplier for your vehicle, and will match them, but may not have the genuine branding. Aftermarket parts are third-party equivalents of the original factory parts. While we aim to use mainly Genuine and OEM parts, aftermarket parts are also an option if needed or requested. Often, this is at the discretion of the insurance company and their guidelines, so make sure to consult with your agent.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts made by the manufacturer of your car are generally better quality, better-fitting and have better corrosion protection capabilities. Depending on the age and condition of your vehicle, there may be some sound economic reasons to use after-market parts in the repair. The decision should always be yours. However, many insurance policies are being rewritten to give the insurance company the sole right to make this economic decision.  Be aware of the terms of your policy in this area.

No, this is a myth.  Using Original Equipment Manufactured parts for your car or truck after an accident can help keep the resale value high. Dealers are not the only repair facilities that have access to OEM parts. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will only cover aftermarket parts. However, many body repair shops will get OEM parts even if your policy doesn’t cover it. So, always ask the body shop if they will cover OEM parts or if they will offer a discount on OEM parts if your policy doesn’t cover them.

We will be happy to provide an estimate to repair any other damage. Please let us know about any unrelated damage when you are dropping your vehicle off. Often times it is the least expensive time to complete additional repairs, as the insurance repair may overlap into what you need to have done.

We warranty all of our repair workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. The parts’ warranty will vary based on the manufacturer of the part.

The collision repair facility guarantees its own work. An insurance company or other third party cannot effectively guarantee the quality, thoroughness, and craftsmanship of the repairs. Collision Care Xpress works hard to thoroughly ensure the success of your car repair

Although it is not necessary to make an appointment, it will allow us to better serve you if you do. Appointments may be made at any of our three locations in Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale. If it is more convenient for you, often times we can prepare an initial collision repair estimate for you via our mobile estimate tool.

After you drop your vehicle off for auto body repairs, we will disassemble the damaged and effected areas completely. We will not start on the repairs to your vehicle until we have yours and your insurance carrier’s authorization.

Absolutely. We keep all of the vehicles we can inside the building during the repair process. If for some reason we need to move it out during the day, we will make every effort to make it secure.  We have 24/7 surveillance camera and security.

Absolutely. Please advise us at the beginning of the auto body repair process and we can save any parts that do not have a core charge attached to them.

If you would like to have a private party pay for the damages to your vehicle we will accept cash, credit card, or a certified check from a local bank.

The average collision repair is 4-5 working days. This is, of course, dependent on the complexity of the repairs, the situation, the availability of parts and materials, and much more. It truly varies from one situation to the next. We will provide an estimated time of completion at the same time we provide the cost estimate, although this does not include the time it may take for any additional damage repairs found in teardown. In the end, we would rather make sure that the job is done right, than done fast.

If you are in need of a rental vehicle, our team can help arrange a rental car, truck, or SUV from one of our partners. Some insurances, new vehicle warranties, extended warranties, and even credit cards may cover or at least reduce rental vehicle cost – our team can help you figure out if there is an available discount for your rental.

Depending on your insurance policy, you may be able to get a rental car during the repair process. Ask your insurance company!  We can arrange for you to have a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired. Often time we can assist in the direct billing to the insurance carrier.  We have an Enterprise Car Rental facility on premises.

If your insurance company has already prepared an estimate, we will use that as the initial basis for repairs to your vehicle. If they have issued you a payment, that and any deductible owed will be paid to the shop upon completion of collision repairs. If there are any additional charges owed to complete repairs to your vehicle, we will handle it directly with your insurance carrier. In the end, you can endorse the check over to us upon completion of repairs.

We work with all insurance companies, and in fact, we are a Direct Repair Program (DRP) facility for many insurers. These programs offer fast claims and speedy repair service after an accident. You don’t have to get damage estimates or schedule an appointment with an adjuster. Simply Contact us and we will work directly with your insurance company.

No, this is a myth. Having an accident is stressful enough without having to deal with visiting various body shops for quotes. You have probably missed multiple days of work because of the crash and have a list of things that you need to do. Fortunately, most states do not require that you get multiple estimates to repair your vehicle. Your insurance company might recommend that you get multiple estimates, but you are not required to by law.

We work with your insurance company to establish an estimate.Critical factors to consider in selecting the right center includes the facilities OEM certification, cleanliness, technology and equipment, competency and friendliness of the customer service representative, and the overall reputation of the company.

Differences in collision repair estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include all the necessary work required. In the process of fixing the damage caused by the collision, additional repair issues may be revealed. In other words, The biggest reason for estimate differences is that one estimate may not include all the required steps and processes.   If you’re not sure why one estimate is different from the other please ask us. We will be glad to go over it with you.

Choose a shop you feel comfortable with. Ask questions. Ask for a tour, certifications, etc. If you choose Collision Care Xpress, you are guaranteed the highest quality repair with certified ( ASE, I-Car) technicians who take pride in their work.

Yes! Legally, you have the right to repair your vehicle at a shop of your choosing. Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular shop.

DRP stands for Direct Repair Shop. Direct repair shops are collision repair shops that have made an agreement with an insurance company to provide certain services or follow certain regulations in exchange for fast or guaranteed payment from that insurance company. These deals are intended to provide faster service with less paperwork, but they may have downsides as well. If you select a DRP, make sure to ask what their policies are with the insurance company.  As a best practice, make sure the shop is OEM certified with your vehicle manufacture, in good standing with the State, and has a good reputation for quality service.

In order to truly determine how much damage has been done, an estimator needs to examine your vehicle, and estimates are just that – estimates. They aren’t always 100% accurate. You’ll need to bring your vehicle into the shop, where the estimator may need to take it apart to determine the extended damage, especially areas not initially visible by the naked eye.  A high-tech computer scan of the car may reveal hidden structural damages and any minor misalignment of the frame. 

Unfortunately, the first observation and inspection doesn’t always discover deep-down damages. During repair, we may find further issues that need to be addressed. In this case, we will contact the insurance company for authorization to pay for any supplemental damages and notify you before we take further action.

Not necessarily. Using a state-of-the-art computer measuring system, we can return your vehicle to its original factory specifications. If it is determined that the frame section is bent beyond repair, that section can usually be replaced. Frame damage is no longer the nail in the coffin for a damaged vehicle. Modern equipment, techniques, and advanced expertise of the technician allow for even severely damaged frames to be repaired.

Absolutely. In addition to working with your care manufacturer to closely to keep paint formulations on hand, our paint technicians can flawlessly blend the new paint into the existing paint of your vehicle. We use the most sophisticated computer scanners and models to exactly match the current color code, including any aging.

Your deductible is how much you must pay for repairs before your insurance kicks in for the rest. Usually, you’ll pay your deductible directly to the shop, because the insurance company will not pay that portion of your bill for you – it’s your deductible and they don’t want to front it for you. If you aren’t sure about the amount or about how to pay, don’t be afraid to discuss the specifics of your claim with your shop, or with your insurance company.

Because to us, you’re more than just a number. We know that the anchor point of our business is our customer base, so we’re committed to creating and maintaining excellent relationships with each of our customers. In order to achieve this goal, we deliver personalized service and the highest quality repair available in the market.
We invite you to come in and experience the difference in our service and workmanship.

All repair technicians are not equally trained. Just as there are various levels of training and expertise in most professions, collision repair technicians can achieve the pinnacle of professional training by becoming OEM Certified with you vehicle manufacturer.  OEM Certified Technicians complete hours of hands-on training and must pass rigorous exams through both the manufacturer and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) to achieve and maintain their certification. By providing you with the highest quality collision repair and when using only OEM- Genuine Parts in the repair of your vehicle, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our OEM certified Collision Centers are equipped with the latest repair equipment and tools that enable our certified technicians to adhere to the recommended repair procedures as set forth by each vehicle manufacturer.  Each manufacturer has their specific standards and using the proper equipment and trained technician ensures restoration of your vehicle to its originally intended high standards. 

Yes. We hold the highest possible Tesla Certification.   Simply said, we’ve invested significant resources in continuing education and much capital in specialized equipped to rebuild Tesla vehicles to the original vehicle specifications for structural integrity and quality of finish.

Tesla demands the highest standards from their Approved Body Shop Network through rigorous training and assessment of all the technicians that will work on your vehicle. The aluminum welding capability is evaluated to ensure all safety critical welded joints can be guaranteed to meet Tesla’s specifications along with the adhesive and mechanical jointing technology used in the construction of your Tesla vehicle.

The Tesla Approved Body Shop Network is monitored and supported by Tesla Body Repair Program team, working together to ensure you can continue to enjoy your Tesla vehicle.

Tesla is possibly the most complicated of vehicles to work on, but we have made a massive investment in all Tesla-approved equipment necessary and continue to grow with the company to keep up with the electric car maker’s continually evolving technology.

Only a certified, structural, center can invest in the appropriate tools and equipment to properly repair your Tesla to its original specification. Using improper, makeshift tools, or an unlicensed technician may cause inoperative harm to your vehicle as well as jeopardize your family safety.

We hold OEM certifications to repair all models of Tesla along with Electronic and Hybrid Vehicles. These certifications pre-qualify us to meet requirements for any new vehicles models that join the EV market.
we have a team of dedicated specialists to disassemble the vehicles and formulate a complete repair plan. Electric vehicles require much more room during this “Pre-Production” stage of repairs due to the complexity of the analysis and the size of undamaged parts that need to be stored during repairs. The EV Center also has multiple 240v chargers to keep batteries in good condition during every step in the repair process.

Other aspects of EV repairs are that all aluminum repairs must take place in a “Clean Room.” Some electric vehicles, like the Tesla Model S or Model X, are virtually all aluminum, while others, such as the Tesla Model 3, are a combination of steel and aluminum. This dedicated repair area is required to avoid cross-contamination with steel, which can cause corrosion on an aluminum car.

We understand the importance of getting your vehicle back in service to keep your business moving.

Created to meet the needs of our commercial customers, Collision Care Xpress has the infrastructure in place to handle repairs on Sprinter and Metris vehicles.

To repair a Sprinter Van or any large size commercial van a facility needs an extra-large paint room with a higher entry door to accommodate taller vehicles; a special lift that can support the extra weight, and specialized traded technicians.  Collision Care Xpress is one of the few facilities certified to restore your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications.

We understand the importance of getting your vehicle back in service to keep your business moving.

Getting into a car accident can be stressful, especially without proper knowledge and help through the process.  Contact Us with additional questions and for a free, detailed estimate on your car repair. Our friendly, experienced staff will work with you right away to ensure that you and your car are taken care of.

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