Tesla Journey “I Damaged my #Tesla and Took it to a Top Body Shop”

Check out TesLatino’s journey on how he was able to select, what he now considers the “best Tesla Certified Body Shop” to take care of his damaged Tesla. The damage was caused by a simple miscalculation while leaving a parking lot – you’ll just have to watch the video to see.

For more info on trusted, certified Tesla structural and cosmetic body repair visit us at http://www.collisioncarexpress.com or Call us at 954-590-8015

Teslatino’s Take : 

If you are in a collision, you don’t want just any body shop to take care of your Tesla. You need the best certified shop available in your area to evaluate and fix your car. Join me on this video, to see how I was able to select the best body shop I have seen, taking care of Teslas. This damage was caused by me over a month before I had FSD Beta installed in my car. It was a simple miscalculation on my part, leaving a parking lot.

Additionally, if you are anywhere in Florida, they will tow your car to heir shop, and guarantee the best outcome possible, give you the best price, and an unmatched . They’ll even give you free car washes after your car is returned repaired, to keep it looking good whenever you need it. At 9:04 of the video, I interviewed the owner of the company, and he provided a lot of details that you don’t want to miss. I am not getting paid for this video, but they did agree to fix my car in exchange for me sharing my real experience, good or bad with you. So this video and my comments, are exactly as I had them. Otherwise, the cost of this repair was estimated at $2,250 USD.

If you do want to use their services in the future, and you tell them “I saw your company at TesLatino”, they will give you a 5% discount, just for letting them know that you saw them here. It helps them know if people will have any questions related to their process by way of my channel.

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